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Usas de la palabra "period"

Hello, Hello! How are you guys? Welcome back to Inglés Easy Listening. I hope you're all doing super, super well. Today's episode is going to be about the most common ways. On how to use the word period.

La palabra period se utiliza en varias maneras dependiendo del contexto. Aquí te muestro algunas de las formas más comunes de usarla. Número uno, punto final en una oración. Ah, número dos, ah, menstruación por una mujer, ahh tres período de tiempo, número cinco, tiempo específico o duración y seis sinónimo de full stop en inglés británico.

Number one. The final point on a sentence. Um, it's for grammar. So you are not using a question mark, because it's not a question you're not using an exclamation mark because that's not yelling. it's just a simple sentence. He arrived late for the meeting and everyone was already seated. It's a statement. There's a period.

The second one, ah menstruation. We don't say that that's like a medical term. You don't say that in conversation. Um, but you say that you are on your period or you are having your period. If you're a girl and it's your time of month, um, So an example or two examples I have for you. I can't go swimming today. I have my period. The second example is she's feeling quite uncomfortable during her period. So you get it. That's just how we say you're menstruating. You use period. Um, Yeah.

Number three, a period of time. So in history class, you will hear this pretty often, like all the time. Um, so the industrial revolution was a significant period of economic and technological change. So it's a period of time. The industrial revolution was a period of time in the history. Then another example I have for you in the same context of history. You'll just hear the word period attached to the name of the time. Okay. So during the Cretaceous Period, Dinosaurs roamed the earth. So cretaceous period is the name versus industrial revolution. Is the name. But there's no word period.

Number five. Um, a specific time or specific duration. So I lived in New York city for a brief period during my college years. So. You can use it, not just for a history example, you can use it as you know, a recent past thing for you that's related to you, not just history, class and history textbooks. So I lived in New York City for a brief period during my college years.

Now the second example I have for you. The class period is only 45 minutes long. So we need to cover the material efficiently. So this is super common. Okay. Um, our classes and school. Or referred to as a period. It's just what they're called. So first period. Second period. I had eight periods of classes during school, so I had eight classes in my school day. Um, but they're just referred to as periods. So the class period is only 45 minutes long, so we need to cover the material efficiently. So. That class is going to be 45 minutes long. But it's a class, so we call it period. Um, Yeah.

The last example, it's a synonym of full-stop in British English. So we also say this, honestly, in the states and in Canada. But she refused to apologize for her behavior, period, just like her mother.

So. I hope you guys liked this and I hope it was helpful for you guys.

If you would like the transcripts go on my website I have it linked in the description. I hope you guys have a great day and i will catch you guys next time bye!

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